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Galvanized Steel Coil
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Galvanized Steel Coil

  • GB/T2518, JIS, G3302 and other standards

  • 30-1250mm


Product Description

Hot dipped galvanizing is a process of coating steel with a thin layer of zinc, which serves as a barrier between the steel and the elements. The steel is dipped into a molten bath of zinc, which creates a metallurgical reaction that forms an alloy coating. This coating, or barrier, provides superior corrosion protection from harsh environmental conditions.

Wayne can help you choose the ideal galvanized steel for your application based on the fabrication method and type of environment in which the steel will be used.

Surface Structure

Spangle is formed during the hot-dip galvanizing process. The size, brightness, and surface of spangles mainly depend on the composition of the zinc layer and the cooling method. According to the size, it includes small spangles, regular spangles, big spangles, and free spangles. They look different, but the spangles almost will not influence the quality of galvanized steel. You can choose according to your preference and use purpose.

(1)Spangled galvanized steel sheet is the spangle obtained by the condensation of the zinc coating under normal conditions after galvanizing. It is mainly used in buildings and other places where there is little direct contact with the human body.

(2)Galvanized steel sheets without spangles are mainly produced through a special production process to control the lead in the zinc pot to a certain level, or after the strip steel is out of the galvanized pot, it undergoes special treatment to control the spangles to less than a certain level. Mainly used in home appliance housing.

Package of GI coil

Standard Export Packing:

Galvanized metal fluted rings on inner and outer edges

Galvanized metal and waterproof paper wall protection disk

Galvanized metal and waterproof paper around circumference and bore protection

About the sea worthy packaging: extra reinforcement before shipment to ensure that the goods are safer and less damaged to customers.

Applications of Galvanized Steel Coils :

1.Construction and building: roofing, interior and exterior wall panels, the surface sheet of the balcony, ceiling, partitioning walls, windows and doors, gutter, barn, sound insulation wall, etc..

2.Further processing: coating base plate.

3.Electric appliance: refrigerator; washing machine; recorder; microwave, etc.

4.Furniture, such as wardrobe, locker, radiator, lampshade, table, bed, bookcase, shelf, etc

5. Transportation:decorative panels of cars, decks of trains or ships, containers, road signs, etc.


ProductsGI/hot-dipped galvanized steel coil
StandardsGB/T2518, JIS, G3302 and other standards
CertificationISO14001, 2004; ISO9001, 2008
Surface treatment1- Chromate, Galvanized, Skin Pass, Passivity and Oiled(un-oiled) bright finish.
2- spangle: big/Mini/regular/zero spangle
Zinc coating30-275g/m2
Coil ID508mm/610mm
Coil weight3-8MT(can be customized)
Packing detailsStandard exporting seaworthy packing or according to customers’ requirement.
Supply ability250,000T/Year
Payment termT/T; L/C
Delivery timeDuring 25-30 days after T/T payment or L/C is received.

Creating value for customers, creating the domestic first-class steel coil brand, is the eternal pursuit of Wayne people.
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