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What is Galvanized steel Coil
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What is Galvanized steel Coil

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Galvanized steel coil, immersing the thin steel plate in the molten zinc bath, and adhering a layer of zinc thin steel plate on the surface. It is mainly produced by the continuous galvanizing process, that is, the coiled steel plate is continuously immersed in the zinc-melted plating tank to make galvanized steel plate; alloyed galvanized steel plate. This kind of steel plate is also made by the hot-dip method, but it is heated to about 500 °C immediately after exiting the tank to form an alloy film of zinc and iron. This galvanized steel coil has good paint adhesion and weldability.

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Strip steel and steel coils are the main raw materials for the production of welded steel pipes. For the manufacture of steel pipes, the tube manufacturing process is mainly used. For spiral welded pipes, the use of steel coil opening, leveling, trimming, forming, welding, and for straight welded pipes. It must be formed and welded with plates. If steel coils are used, they must be uncoiled, leveled and cut into single steel plates. The coiled plate generally refers to a steel strip with a width of not less than 600mm, and can generally be divided into steel plates or longitudinally cut steel strips. In the standard, it is generally placed together with the steel plate, such as carbon structural steel channels and low alloy structural steel plates and Steel belt. The strip width is generally less than 600mm.

The steel coil is a thin steel plate with a thickness not greater than 6 mm, usually less than 3 mm, but due to the wide width, it needs to be rolled with a large rolling mill. The width of the coiled steel strip is not more than 0.2 meters; the rolling mill used is small. Of course, the price of the galvanized steel coil is more expensive than the strip steel when the same material and the same thickness are used.



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